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100% commission with minimal prerequisites and fees; no minimum production, engagement requirement or obligation.

Be a licensed Illinois real estate broker and REALTOR® by being a member of or joining North Shore-Barrington Association of REALTORS®.

(Included is iHomefinder’s Premium Broker IDX Plug-in featuring broker bio page, lead engagement, email marketing, Polygon/Eureka interactive map searches, etc and have the option to add DocuSign or Dotloop transaction management solution.)

Fees are monthly brokerage fee of $40 or $65 and transaction fee of $50 per transaction, as well as have the option to get back as much as $100 per listing transaction.

$40 Plan: iHomefinder Premium Broker and no transaction management solution.

$65 Plan: iHomefinder Premium Broker and DocuSign or Dotloop.

Let’s discuss about your CRM use if you are using or plan to use one.

Prepay an annual amount of the brokerage fee (refundable, monthly proration), and it may pay for itself. Let us explain!

Our business and escrow accounts are with Chase Bank.

We ensure the strictest confidentiality.

If interested, please text/call me, Charles, at (312) 813-0424 or submit an inquiry below of a convenient time for a chat. 

Some personal thoughts, please…

A proper split should be designed to provide maximum benefit to its brokers. If you are paying a $300 transaction fee, I suspect it carries with it greater benefits such as but not limited to physical office space, contract-to-close transaction coordination, sustained education, abundant resources, marketing strategies, appropriate insurance, networking possibilities, etc. If you have access to all these then you should be content.

If you know your real estate market and transactional process, then you can best determine the validity of the following. Frankly $300 over
$50 transaction fee is actually negligible for benefits listed above. But laying out $3,600 for 12 transactions instead of $600, if you have
the acumen, you can better envision where to allocate the $3,000 difference as you need or want. At the least, you could have closed 72
transactions for the cost of 12.

But if you have more than half a dozen transactions under your belt, you can better assess YOUR needs, strengths and weaknesses. The name and prestige of Baddest Brokerage is important but not as vital as the expertise and acumen of its most important individual broker…YOU!

I will endeavor to build the name and prestige of Elite while methodically providing you the resources to succeed. I aspire to build a comprehensive brokerage with a formidable online presence bolstered by digital and social media marketing. I can leverage my bilingual skills to create successful team initially in one community and expand to other communities. But I grew up in the States and my primary language is English, and my wish is to help YOU build a team whether it be a team of one or of many; let’s chat to identify your aspirations and how Elite can act as a compliant clearinghouse of your transactions.

It is said, “Greater the risk, greater the return.” Join now to continue to enjoy the low fees even when Elite will be in a position to offer greater benefits. I know it sounds like a pyramid scheme but I assure you it is legal because there is a product involved. I stress that it may be more beneficial to a broker with some semblance of experience, at least until I build a comprehensive infrastructure.

I can offer the above because our industry’s transactional process can now be accomplished online and in keeping with my strategy to methodically build a brokerage present expenses are minimal. I may loathe to do for free but I am not unwilling to do for very minimal. Then, too, how I structure my admin workflow integrating the compliance and financial facets are of expeditious nature to me.

I have 20 years of transaction coordination experience running parallel with managerial and compliance experience. I enjoy all that goes into being a real estate broker, but my forte, what I can do in my sleep, what I live and breathe, what I can do relentlessly without breaking a sweat, what I can do tirelessly akin to a machine is admin work. My experience and forte are well-suited to being a dedicated and supportive managing broker. I can tell you that I am available 24/7/365, but admit I may not be readily available between 10 pm-ish and 4 am-ish daily and Sunday morning hours.

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